Tuesday, August 18, 2009

what for relationship is?

define wether friend best friend than end with a relationship...

what for relationship is???

believe?? responsible?? together?? love? future? everlasting? what else?
that is not enough?

than... what are you doing when he or she ignore you. if he or she feel comfort than you need a clarity for your relationship but she or he doesn't answer your question?

how to ignoring someone?
and.. how to recognizing someone??
and than... how to accepting someone???

is it hard to make people don't hurts?

some people do something to make it better?
better not always better? or worst is always worst?

what about long distance? what is in your mind about distance?? nobody wants to have long distance relationship right?

make something difference in your life. don't be afraid with your feeling. tell to everyone that you still have heart and for sure that you are normal! :D love always make people curious.
so... what is the answer for my question?? what for relationship is?

miracle (*)

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