Wednesday, December 16, 2009


love it :)
thanks for tragicryan

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

bored and blank

have not written this blog for a long time
miss it!
what will I write today?
I really have no idea ..... no no no no idea
even I'm not in the mood to do anything
Essentially I'm bored
My situation was not too good
I am sick influenza
and sounded pretty lazy to move
oh .... god ... cure me -_-"

Friday, September 11, 2009

narcissism in the last day in campus :D

This morning I woke up late
I hurried off to college
then... I ran into the classroom
oh my god!
My morning class was not there
very annoying :(

will come the holidays
haaaaaappppyyy >_<*"

thanks for the glasses andy*i borrow it >xixixi<

for fun^^*

me and asrii

French fries, kolak & chocolate caramel

sipping a cup of chocolate caramel

me.kolak.and hot chocolate caramel

HERE!!! we goes...
this is me and asri after broke away from the group in amplas to open fasting. we went to a coffee shop near 7soul, gejayan street. fun that night. we could forget the problems for a moment. we told stories and do some jokes until we tired. hehe ^^. that's FUN!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

you ^ 1025

You...did it again
You did hurt my heart
I don’t know how many times

You... I don’t know what to say
You’ve made me so desperately in love
and now you let me down

You said you’d never lie again
You said this time would be so right
But then I found you were lying there by her side

You.. You turn my whole life so blue
Drowning me so deep, I just can reach myself again
You.. Successfully tore my heart
Now it’s only pieces
Nothing left but pieces of you
frustated me with this love
I’ve been trying to understand
You know i’m trying i’m trying

Monday, September 7, 2009

its all about you

you always shine my heart
but unfortunately we had to end this when all improved
i was not expecting about the answer
but i am happy because you gave me the good way instead. that is a better way for us now maybe...:)
always distance is the problem for us
it is not appropriate because we have to sacrifice the feeling
its hard for us! YES I REALLY KNOW!
we both know the feeling each other
the tears flow a little even I could cry..maybe i look like the numb...pale faced :(

ask me someday promise me something
and i will always remember that
although you never remind me about that
but i will remind you...someday..thank you for everything
it's just life to survive
keep smiling "tha".. ^^

i still believe

Thursday, September 3, 2009

take it or leave it? hesitate!

if you want to go, just run

if you want to be angry, that's only emotional
if you want to regret, will be remorse

I do not understand
I did not realize
I am blind
seemed to haven't eyes and heart
I will go if it you wanted
My tears were not valuable
there's nothing you can do
said sorry enough for forgiveness
but action was never there
I just need a little attention and little time
not much time will you waste with unused
I am sad and sorry for everything
thank you for all the affection
a happiness is quite beautiful
I've ever felt during my life
there is no sorrow that I feel right now
I am here, stay here and always give excuse...for all
i am not angry and don't hate....
god is fair
smile ^^.v

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hari ini

hari ini bangun tidur mantengin leptop seharian karena ga ada kerjaan.hoahh,,,no idea.tugas dr dosen uda nungguin. besok harus uda di kumpul.jadi dateline hari ini kerjaan harus uda kelar.aduh! masa ya kerjaan tiap hari cm ol ol ol doang. ada cerita lagi kayanya buat bulan ini.setop! aku miliiih buat menyudahi cerita2 kmaren.dan case close.semoga tetap ada di posisi itu.berusaha merubah abuabu tua menjadi lebih muda dan menjadi putih.aku optimis :)HORAS!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

what for relationship is?

define wether friend best friend than end with a relationship...

what for relationship is???

believe?? responsible?? together?? love? future? everlasting? what else?
that is not enough?

than... what are you doing when he or she ignore you. if he or she feel comfort than you need a clarity for your relationship but she or he doesn't answer your question?

how to ignoring someone?
and.. how to recognizing someone??
and than... how to accepting someone???

is it hard to make people don't hurts?

some people do something to make it better?
better not always better? or worst is always worst?

what about long distance? what is in your mind about distance?? nobody wants to have long distance relationship right?

make something difference in your life. don't be afraid with your feeling. tell to everyone that you still have heart and for sure that you are normal! :D love always make people curious.
so... what is the answer for my question?? what for relationship is?

miracle (*)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

friendship is not a crime

yay they are my friends. we always together when we going to the campus. hehe.. doing the task together. this photos not really complete. actually we consists of 7 persons, but she is being to her house in the village. hmm... yay! i hope we can be together until we graduated. :D yay. it must be fun.. enjoy our class darling. hiphiphurai..! keep spirit and thinking forward. and believe that we can do anything and trust that we can graduate as long as we can! just pray hope and effort that can help us. don't forget to make a wish everyday. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! ganbatee friends ^^

Sunday, August 2, 2009


"i forget than remember that i am here to stand up and to be straight for looking forward"

Thursday, July 30, 2009

won life is....

i lost my sadness
what a happy me
i lost my sadness

yes! maybe now the world show me nothing
but i keep straight on my way
i know who i am
and try to begin new life
more appreciate
forget all my boo
and believe that the world will give you something
for sure! someday the world will give you something or anything instead

how wonderful life is
no one can happy or sad forever
but life as a wheel that can be rolling down sometimes
we can up and down suddenly
what amazing life

cause smile can bring me to happiness
i call you.... HAPPINESS

Monday, July 27, 2009


immortalize life with photos

thanks for : moks, thomas dian, hmbx, dp
taken last photo from years ago by dp
the newest is the first photo by moks
thanks all ^^

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

beautiful one

too much beautiful things in this world
one of them is beach
there have a range of beauty and tranquility
i love beach
water and wind what can hear all my mind
beach as always beautiful

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

THE S.I.G.I.T @ liquid ^^

party goers and happiness
no words without fun and laugh
silly silly silly
ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu yeahhhhhhhh!!

happiness ^^

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

mama i love u

key of future is maaaaama.

tepat kemarin! aku dibangunkan dengan suara papa yang sedikit panik kedengaranya. kira-kira jam 5 pagi. ternyata aku di sadarkan dengan terkaget-kaget. si mama... mama kenapa??? hiks.. rasanya pingin nangis liat mama yang lemes banget di atas kasur. maaaa... sambil aku usap-usap tangan mama... mama kenapa?? maa... mama...terus-terusan aku ucapin kata itu.. papa bilang pusing. mama pusing. kaya muter smuanya sampe ga brani buka mata. aku panik banget. dan seharusnya itu hari pertama aku masuk kelas writing dan udah niat banget buat masuk kelas itu. aku jadi ga niat buat masuk kuliah. dan untungnya tugas uda di kerjakan sahabat saya. :D *makasi inta ^^v. dokter dateng kerumah. mama di kasi obat sementara. tapi malah ga berenti muntah-muntah dan semakin lemas. papa udah berangkat kerja. akhirnya ak tlfon papa. biar mama dibawa ke rumahsakit. jm 10 mama dibawa ke rumahsakit. dan ternyata analisa dokter sama dengan dokter yang datang kerumah. mama kena vertigo. huuhu.. sedih liat mama sakit. jam sebelas aku masuk kuliah, rencana sih cuma mau kumpul tugas.. dan ijin jengukin mama karena mama harus rawat inap. ternyata beruntungnya hari itu,, ternyata kosong.. :) buru-buru deh aku selesain tugas di kelas dan ngabur jengukin mama. hhee... seneng liat mama uda aga baikan. seharian aku di rumah sakit nungguin maama biar aga baikan keadaanya. serasa liburan keluarga di rumahsakit... abangku yang biasa maen tiap malam dan aku jarang ketemu, dia nungguin seharian si mama. dan papa pulang kantor lebi cepat.. buat urusin mama juga. ma jangan sakit lagi... :(( sehat-sehat selalu ya.. sedih liat mama sakit. keadan mama membaik dan dokter ngebolehin mama pulang hari ini. huff.. kepanikanku hilang dan seneng mama uda sehatan. semoga mama bisa jaga kondisi badan lebih baik. dan sehat selalu.. i love u bisa ngebayangin kalo mamal hilang dari kehidupanku...:(( u 're everything maam!! children's sun!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

de BU

hilang penat
saat bernafas dengan senyap
aku mengerat
menggigit jari dengan erat
melemahkan nafsu
biarkan itu berdebu
dan tak terjamah
bukan aku menyerah
hanya berserah
sebelum semua menjadi fatal
aku ingin mendebukanya
semoga tak terjamah
saat aku mendekat
debu debu debu bantu aku
melemahkan nafsuku

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

session II

jam 11 nyontreng
jam 5 ke rumah nicky jemput dia
jam 5. 20 ke mirota batik
jam 6 rame-rame di mirota batik
jam 8 rintux pulang
jam 9 keluar dari mirota batik
jam 9. 30 ke malioboro nongkrong iseng
jam 9. 45 pindah ke rumah coklat
jam 11 pulang kerumah masing-masing

HAPPY! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

sampai jumpa lagi semua

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


setelah 5 tahun ga ketemu?? dari smp?? uhmm aku pikir semuanya uda pada berubah. hihi tambah gede-gede nih. suka-suka. tapi sama aja nihhh.. ga ada yang berubah. seru-seru aja. untungnya yahh.. :) kangen deh sama mereka. meskipun ga semuanya ada tapi yaaa.. happyy lah. akhirnya bisa ketemu juga. hihih.. mendadak banget sihh.. tapi nyenengin banget ih. he...sampe ketemu hari rebo yah smuaaa.. muaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

love u all dehh.. pokonya. :*

Sunday, July 5, 2009

arigato ^^


surprised of this day!
i wake up and check all my web. the one of all is this. hhehe. and i've surprised!

shocked!!!d^^b (your mission completed sir!)

its my newest blogger theme's. thanks a lot for weirdeetz^^ hhihihi.. i love this theme so much. although you spy me all around. hauhuhauhahua... scarring me? huhauhhuaa.. spooky! but i wanna say thank you so much.. hehehehe.. if i made you confused and doesn't feel sleepy because i gives you a job. AGAIN? hehehihi.. once more.. from my deepest heart THANKSSS a LOOOOOTTT :)

keep spy me around?! *^#$%@#$ hahaha..! :P :D :) :X


Ku langkahkan kakiku
Melewati waktu
Bersama dengan bunga taman hatiku
Yang selalu menemani
Perjalanan ini
Didalam hati dan di dalam mimpiku
Bagaikan bunga ditaman yang sangat indah
Semerbak wangi tercium dalam cinta
Kan ku bawa kau terbang ke atas sana
Menemani terangnya bulan dan bintang
Kan kudendangkan lagu ini tuk bungaku tersayang
Dalam hati yang penuh dengan rasa cinta dan sayang

I LOVE THIS SONG verryyyy muchmuchmuch! UNTIL NOW! do you REMEMBER?

hear me...hear me...

Friday, July 3, 2009





i've new spirit for life from now! whereas thats show me nothing! but i enjoy it.... :) bye sadness... thanks thanks thanks... hiihihihihii

under construction

i wake up late again! oh my gggoood.. :(
think of him? i don't really want again. i don't mind if he think of me too. i feel silly since 4 days ago. i don't feel fully alive every morning. i can't feel calm and i feel nervous every open my eyes. i want to forget him because he has forgotten me. is it fear? actually what he wanted? why we aren't talk much before? you only send me a messages and you never answer it again. its not enough! your answer can't satisfying me. i would be a stronger girl.. but now? tomorrow? or the day after tomorrow? oh my good.. everyday is hard for me. wait a certainty that is not definitive. how stupid is I. hey.. I can see the situation and your circumstances. I can understand what one of my. I apologize for all. if it must end, I will accept. at least we can be friends. is it right. pleaseee... don't run away from reality. don't be a looser. make sure that all aren't useless. i look weak 4 days. I currently fall. and I need people who can lift my body and treat the injured. I need people who can entertain and accompany me for this while. i need support. thanks for my friend who has listen me last night. i feel better although never calm down and relax. i am nervous and worried about myself. I sincerely love you. please use your sense.

perasaan berawal dari kebiasaan dan aku percaya kebiasaan yang membawa aku sepeerti ini dan sangat merasa kehilangan saat kebiasaan yang biasa itu menjadi luar biasa. adakah lagi kebiasaan itu? atau hilang kemana kata-kata yang mulai terbiasa itu. aku rindu dengan kebiasaan itu. tapi keikhlasan dan ketulusan yang akan mengembalikan titik normal itu. penguasaan diri yang tidak stabil yang sangat melelahkan
i let you free...

Thursday, July 2, 2009


apa perbedaan sebenarnya berbohong putih dengan menjaga perasaan? bohong slalu aja jadi masalah. seperti meneguk kopi hitam kental tanpa gula sedikitpun! bukanya menjaga perasaan itu lebih berarti di bandingkan dengan kata berbohong. seharusnya ucapan terimakasih, karena menjaga maksud itu perasaan bukanlah bermaksud bohong. dan menjaga supaya akhirnya tidak ada yang tersakiti. apa kita tidak boleh memikirkan perasaan orang dan tetap saja melakukan apa yang di inginkan!? hah! jahat. dan semua orang itu punya sisi jahat. dan aku yakin ga semua orang sejahat dan melakukan semua dengan sengaja. aku yakin semua orang pasti pernah bohong. dan mereka memikirkan buat apa mereka berbohong. cinta teman sahabat keluarga diri sendiri pun pernah di alami dengan berbohong. itu memang ga sepenuhnya di benarkan. dan di salahkan. tergantung pada penilaian orang masing-masing. sesempurna apakah orang yang bisa menganggap seorang itu pembohong? apa mereka pun tidak pernah berbohong? NAIF! tidak ada orang yang sempurna kan? dimana juga kita bisa menilai batas kesempurnaan orang? kita juga tidak bisa.. look at the mirror.. cukup di renungkan. cukup lelah sepertinya mendengar kata itu. tidak asing di telinga, bahkan semenjak kecil kata itu pasti pernah terdengar. come on... don't judge people as a liar if you never lie! trust with yourself and say anything what you want to say! if you would not, keep in your mind and think about it. that is not lie! don't blame another people! aku tidak menunjuk hal ini kepada siapapun. aku cukup melihat bagaimana aku dan hal apa yang sudah aku lakukan. ini bukan juga pembenaran atas semua yang pernah aku lakukan pada siapapun. semua orang punya hak untuk melakukan hal yang dia mau. dengan berbagai pertimbangan tentunya.. pengalaman-pengalaman yang ada setidaknya mengajari bagaimana kita harus bersikap. bertanya kepada orang-orang dan mereka tidak bisa menjawab. semua jawaban itu ada di diri kita. ucap mereka sih! dan ternyata benar. rasa sayang kah yang bisa di jadikan alasan? itu bukan alasan. keadaan yang mengharuskan itu terjadi. salahkan saja kalau ingin menyalahkan. tetap berdiri seperti ini dan meyakini hal ini baik buat mereka saat itu dan menyesali pernah melakukan hal yang menyerupai kata bohong itu. memang kepercayaan itu mahal dan susah di dapatkan. tapi aku percaya siapapun itu suatu saat akan mengerti maksud dari semua itu. menyayangi semua orang yang ada di dekat ku. tanpa terkecuali. dan setiap orang pasti menginginkan hal yang terbaik buat orang yang di sayanginya. mungkin kalian tersenyum sengit membaca ini. tapi ini semua adalah suatu hal yang pernah aku rasakan. dan aku kehilangan sesuatu yang aku usahakan dan berusaha membuat jadi kenyataan. ternyata semua sia-sia setelah keadan sedikit menerima. tapi aku tidak akan pernah menyesal pernah menjadi bagian dari selembar cerita yang belum jadi itu. aku lelah dan menyudahi semuanya. membiarkan yang sudah terjadi ya sudah biar terlewati. kesedihan yang meluap pun akan segera terlupakan dengan bergantinya waktu. semua akan biasa saja.. aku pada siapapun dan siapapun padaku...menggantikan kopi pahit tanpa gula dengan kopi yang di seduh dengan sedikit gula. menyenangkann sekali :)

backsound: sore-apatis ria
setengah lima

^^ smangatt! i love you all.. much much!

fucked up! stuck! bored!

mine! i love it. and i enjoy...

feat with: