Thursday, September 3, 2009

take it or leave it? hesitate!

if you want to go, just run

if you want to be angry, that's only emotional
if you want to regret, will be remorse

I do not understand
I did not realize
I am blind
seemed to haven't eyes and heart
I will go if it you wanted
My tears were not valuable
there's nothing you can do
said sorry enough for forgiveness
but action was never there
I just need a little attention and little time
not much time will you waste with unused
I am sad and sorry for everything
thank you for all the affection
a happiness is quite beautiful
I've ever felt during my life
there is no sorrow that I feel right now
I am here, stay here and always give excuse...for all
i am not angry and don't hate....
god is fair
smile ^^.v

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