Wednesday, July 1, 2009

^^ hardest life?!

life is so bright. i dont want to run away from this life!

to many lessons can we take from this life.
maybe sometimes i cant say anything to face this life. too hard and need much forbearance to face it. love, stuck, bored, are common think that we can find in around.

today i have learn how to be patient and can accept the situation that has happened with me.
at first i can't accepted the situation that has happened to me. and i cry cry and cry.
cry is not the answer of all!! only tired that i get. and finaly i realized that i should be face it.

i know that people in around still loves me and they support me.
friend is everythink! (thanks all)

i just wanna say that life is so bright. no doubt!
depending on the views of each person. ^^ .
i enjoy with my life although a lot of complain and grumbling all i have. life only once!

do i seen as a stronger girl? i just wanna try to be stronger. can i??

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