Friday, July 3, 2009

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i wake up late again! oh my gggoood.. :(
think of him? i don't really want again. i don't mind if he think of me too. i feel silly since 4 days ago. i don't feel fully alive every morning. i can't feel calm and i feel nervous every open my eyes. i want to forget him because he has forgotten me. is it fear? actually what he wanted? why we aren't talk much before? you only send me a messages and you never answer it again. its not enough! your answer can't satisfying me. i would be a stronger girl.. but now? tomorrow? or the day after tomorrow? oh my good.. everyday is hard for me. wait a certainty that is not definitive. how stupid is I. hey.. I can see the situation and your circumstances. I can understand what one of my. I apologize for all. if it must end, I will accept. at least we can be friends. is it right. pleaseee... don't run away from reality. don't be a looser. make sure that all aren't useless. i look weak 4 days. I currently fall. and I need people who can lift my body and treat the injured. I need people who can entertain and accompany me for this while. i need support. thanks for my friend who has listen me last night. i feel better although never calm down and relax. i am nervous and worried about myself. I sincerely love you. please use your sense.

perasaan berawal dari kebiasaan dan aku percaya kebiasaan yang membawa aku sepeerti ini dan sangat merasa kehilangan saat kebiasaan yang biasa itu menjadi luar biasa. adakah lagi kebiasaan itu? atau hilang kemana kata-kata yang mulai terbiasa itu. aku rindu dengan kebiasaan itu. tapi keikhlasan dan ketulusan yang akan mengembalikan titik normal itu. penguasaan diri yang tidak stabil yang sangat melelahkan
i let you free...

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